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If your using memcache as your caching layer in magento, but have this snippit in your etc/local.xml







then your in for trouble.  First off, this is a magento recommend setting for all 1.9 Enterprise customers.  If you use this setting with even a moderate level of traffic hitting your site ~don't~ make any changes via the admin on your catalog products.  It'll cause a deadlock situation and bring down your site for 5-15 minutes.  We are still experimenting with a solution, but there are two possible ones:

-segregate your Admin traffic to an isolated server.  On this server remove all of the slow_backend config settings in your etc/local.xml

-it seems that turning slow_backend_store_data off ~may~ solve it.  


Your not getting deadlocks you say?  Make sure you have your errors/local.xml setup to email you when you have a platform exception, you'll start noticing all of the lock timeouts and deadlocks.